Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to all of the usual questions!


How much do you charge?

Are you happy to travel?

How far in advance do you get booked up?

How do we book and do you need a deposit?

When do you contact me to finalise details?


What do you bring with you?

How long does it take you to set up?

Are you fully insured and PAT tested?

How much space do you need?

Can you bring a real looking piano?

The venue has a piano, can you play that?

Can you work with noise restrictions?

Do you need anything from us on the night?


What's the earliest and latest time you play to?

How long do you play for?

What times would you suggest for the night?

Can you play past midnight?


Do you always use the same musicians?

Can you provide music for the daytime too?

Do we get to decide what songs you play?

Can we send a list of songs for in between sets?

Can we bring our own music for in between sets?

We have already booked a DJ, is this ok?

When do you need to know our first dance song by?

Can you send us a list of first dance songs?